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EXEM Records Best First Quarter Result Ever

Consolidated sales amounting to 7.1 Billion Won ($ 5.78 mn,+42% YoY), returning to operating profit and net profit by a large margin (YoY)
Expecting CloudMOA-oriented cloud business to keep up its growth in the post COVID-19 era
AI and big data business are expected to grow robustly this year due to favorable trends based on the 'Korean New Deal' policy.

EXEM Co.(CEO Jongarm Cho, [KOSDAQ:205100], www.ex-em.com/en/) specializing in database & application performance monitoring, artificial intelligence and big data has recorded best first quarter result ever, brightening its business outlook.

EXEM posted, on the 14th, the consolidated financial results of Q1 2020 reporting 7.1 billion won($ 5.78 mn), recording a 42% increase from the same quarter of last year. EXEM succeeded in turning into operating profit and net profit by a large margin. The operating profit was 600 million won($ 0.49 mn) and net profit was 1.2 billion won($ 0.98 mn), compared with 1.4 billion won($ 1.14 mn) in operating losses and 1.1 billion won($ 0.9 mn) in net losses in the first quarter of 2019. On a separate basis, EXEM's sales rose 42% on-year to 5.3 billion won($ 4.31 mn), operating profit rose 1 billion won($ 0.81 mn) and net profit stood at 1.7 billion won($ 1.38 mn), successfully turning into surplus compared to the previous year, while its operating profit ratio stood at 19.7%, net profit margin 32.3%, showing high profitability. EXEM's first quarter performance is the result of improved sales and sustained growth in all areas of its business compared to the previous year, EXEM's officials explained. In particular, the sales of 'MaxGauge', which supports the most diverse DBMS types in Korea and holds the No. 1 market share in the database performance management (DBPM) market for over 20 years, increased 53.2% YoY and maintained steady growth. In APM (Application Performance Monitoring) section, the sales of 'InterMax', the E2E (End-to-end) transaction tracing solution that leads the market, also increased by 24.8%, contributing to the company's overall profit growth.

EXEM's officials said, "The first quarter is traditionally the off-season for IT market, and despite the global economic downturn affected by COVID-19, we achieved best first quarter sales ever. In the post COVID-19 era, represented by the cloud paradigm, EXEM is expected to grow solidly this year because of the growth prospects of more competitive current business areas, the product technology level that overwhelms competitors, and the situation where the impact of COVID-19 is not significant.” In addition, EXEM’s officials explained that EXEM has gained momentum to grow its business including Cloud, AI and Big data as the government recently announced a plan to promote the 21st-century "Korean New Deal" to prepare for the post COVID-19 era, in which the key tasks like △ Strengthen the cloud △ Spread artificial intelligence (AI) convergence across all industries △ Expand collection and utilization of big data △ Expand AI data and infrastructure are included. In particular, the situation in which more and more companies are accelerating their cloud transition due to the COVID-19 crisis has revealed a green light for the growth of the cloud-native business, which has been especially strengthened by the cloud native architecture integrated management solution 'CloudMOA' developed by EXEM. Recently, ‘CloudMOA’ has been well received by domestic leading cloud service providers, distribution companies, and game companies, and it has received positive attention from the market, following solution's introduction and demonstration inquiries. 'CloudMOA' provides an all-in-one integrated management service for large-scale IT infrastructure and services in a cloud environment to companies that transform their IT environment into hybrid cloud or multi-cloud. In addition, it provides user-friendly monitoring function that notifies of anomaly detection using AI and 2D / 3D (two / three-dimensional) dashboard environment that abstracts the layered cloud environment and problems by text alarm, improving and maximizing IT operation efficiency of enterprise customers in the cloud environment.

Moreover, EXEM is actively preparing a cloud omnidirectional business development system while targeting the demand for cloud native markets with the following plans and strategies: △ Develop and continuously advance new functions centered on users △ Recruit talented cloud consultants △ Contract with domestic and global leading MSP(Managed Service Providers) and CSP(Cloud Service Providers) to reinforce partner collaboration system △ Free promotion event for cloud-building clients △ Provide one-stop cloud infrastructure innovation service based on technology integration alliance through 'INSLab', a strategic investment company (Kubernetes-based managed container service), 'insignary', a business joint promotion company (fingerprint-based compliance security) and 'SINSIWAY', our subsidiary company (approach control). In particular, EXEM's strategic investment company 'INSLab' has been recently selected as the official supplier of 'Cloud Service Application Expansion Project' in 2020, hosted by National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA). It is expected that the EXEM cloud alliance-based cloud-native business will achieve significant growth this year, in line with the government's implementation of the “Korean New Deal” policy such as strengthening the cloud.

EXEM's self-developed Korea's first AI-based IT operation intelligence solution 'XAIOps' shows AIOPs technology maturity comparable to global leading solutions, and a number of PoC has been run by many companies including the first financial sector and large retailers, with successful implementation and visible results ahead. 'XAIOps' is a new solution that combines AI with accumulated technology and know-how of 'MaxGauge', the No. 1 solution in the domestic DBPM market, and 'InterMax', the leading E2E transaction tracing solution in the APM market. It provides AI-based integrated failure prediction, anomaly detection, and root cause analysis for IT systems. EXEM is also expected to achieve remarkable growth in the big data business, as the participation of Korea Electric Power Corporation's big data platform performance reinforcement business and domestic leading fashion companies' big data analysis business, and numerous business orders and contracts related to big data have been made and more results are expected to be visible this year. In particular, EXEM is expected to seize more business opportunities in the public energy big data sector, which is considered to be a major foundation for the growth of the energy industry in the future through the performance enhancement project of KEPCO's big data platform. In addition, EXEM expands its big data analysis business by combining differentiated consulting services that utilize EXEM's business experience and globally proven solutions of 'DataRobot' and 'KNIME', which have signed a partner contract with EXEM. The next plan is to expand the big data analysis business and continue to make progress in the domestic market. 'DataRobot' and 'KNIME' were selected as “Visionary” companies in Gartner’s 2020 magic quadrant for data science and machine-learning platforms, both of which have a number of global leading customers and lead the global data analytics market.

Meanwhile, EXEM is accelerating its growth through its core technology and sales competitiveness, which are ready to respond rapidly to market trends in existing business areas and overwhelm competitors. 'MaxGauge' is securing the position of absolute strength in the domestic DB performance management market with its strengths, such as precise analysis through data collection and AI-based auto-diagnosis, in real time (0.01 second). With the spread of 'Move Away from Oracle', open source DBMS and the cloud paradigm, EXEM diversifies its lineup of MaxGauge, which supports 9 DBMS including Oracle DBMS, and completes the technical verification to provide monitoring service in a cloud environment. EXEM also revealed its will to widen the gap with the existing competitors and maintain a competitive edge. In particular, 'MaxGauge' cloud-oriented products have received high interest in the Japanese market, where demand for IT performance management continues to increase due to a shortage of engineers. Recently "MaxGauge' cloud-oriented product was supplied to “Takagi” in Japan. 'InterMax' focuses on the integrated performance management of all sections including WEB-WAS-TP-DB (End-to-end) and is based on the largest stable operation experience in the domestic APM market and proven technology as the No. 1 solution in various performance tests. More than 200% sales growth over the past three years is expected to lead to a higher growth rate this year.

“At the time of 'post COVID-19', EXEM has a solid business portfolio that will keep a sustainable growth regardless of any crisis,” said Jongarm Cho, CEO of EXEM. “This year, along with DBPM and APM solutions armed with new technologies and competitiveness in cloud native, AIOps and big data market, we will preoccupy the opportunity to come after COVID-19 and achieve a quantum jump.”

▲ EXEM Q1 2020 Consolidated Financial Report Summary

▲ Solutions and Service Map of EXEM

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Privacy Policy

'EXEM Co., Ltd. ' (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Company’) respects your personal information and complies with the “Personal Information Protection Act” and the " and the "Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection”, etc.
The Company, through its privacy policy, hereby informs you of the purpose and method of using the personal information that you provide, and what steps are taken to protect your personal information. In case of an amendment to the Privacy Policy, the Company will make a notification either via an announcement on the website (or via individual notification).

Article 1: Personal Information Items Collected

  1. The Company collects the following personal information for service applications, consultation, inquiries, and the like.
  2. a. Collected items: name, company name, phone (or mobile) number, email address, department name, job title, business field
  3. b. Method of collection: limited to service requests and consultations made through the website

Article 2: Purpose of collection and usage of personal information

The Company uses the personal information collected for the following purposes.
a. Service inquiries: To identify and confirm the exact contents of the inquiry, to formulate and send a reply and for smooth communications with the customer making the inquiry
b. Marketing and advertisements: to deliver advertising information regarding items such as services, products, seminars and events and service provision, advertisement posting and webzine mail sending according to demographic characteristics

Article 3: Personal information retention and period of use

Once the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, the Company will destroy it without delay. However, under the following reasons the following information is retained for the period specified.

When information is to be retained under relevant laws
When the information must be preserved in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations such as the Consumer Protection Act and the commercial laws on e-commerce, the Company shall retain the member information for the period of time stipulated by the related laws and regulations. In this case, the information stored is used only for the purpose of storage under a period of retention as follows.
Records on consumer inquiries
- Reason for preservation: Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.
- Retention period: 3 years

Article 4: Procedure and method for destruction of personal information

In principle, once the purpose for collecting and using personal information is achieved, the Company will destroy the information without delay. The procedure and method for destroying the information are as follows.

a. Procedure
Once the purpose has been achieved, the information that has been entered is transferred to a separate database (or a separate document repository in case of paper) and stored for a certain period of time according to the reasons for information protection following internal policies and other related laws (refer to period of retention and use) and is then destroyed. Personal information transferred to the separate database is not used for any purpose other than retention, unless otherwise required by law..

b. Method
Personal information stored as electronic files is deleted using technical methods that make reproduction of the records impossible.

Article 5: Usage of personal information

  1. 1. While the personal information collected by the Company is the minimum necessary to provide the service, more detailed information may be requested if necessary.
  2. 2. The Company may provide personal information to third parties with the user's consent. Even in this case, the provision of personal information to a third party is only made with the consent of the user and users that do not wish personal information to be provided will not be able to use certain services or participate in certain types of promotions or events (however, a separate announcement will be made in this case).

Article 6: Consignment of collected personal information

When the Company entrusts the provision of the above-mentioned specific service to an external company (hereinafter referred to as the 'Consigned Company'), the member's personal information necessary to provide the service may be provided to the Consigned Company under the consent of the member and in this case will specify that the service is consigned. The Consigned Company shall not use or provide the information to third parties for purposes other than that found in the consignment, namely the handling and management of the personal information of the member in question.

In order to carry out the service, the Company entrusts and operates in regards to personal information to external companies as follows. The Company's personal information consignment processing agency and consignment work are as follows.

Article 7: User rights and legal representatives and how they are exercised

1. In order to protect customer personal information and handle related complaints, the Company has designated relevant departments and personal information managers as follows.
a. Users may contact the Company's personal information manager via writing, by phone or by email to request viewing, modification or deletion of information.
b. If a user requests a correction of an error in the personal information, the personal information shall not be used or provided until the correction has taken place. In addition, if incorrect personal information has already been provided to a third company, the third party shall be notified without delay of the correction in order for the correction to be made.
c. Personal information that has been canceled or deleted at the request of the user shall be processed by the company in accordance with Article 3 to prevent it from being viewed or used for other purposes.

2. Please enter your personal information accurately to ensure that accidents do not occur. The user is responsible for accidents caused by incorrectly entered information, and if false information is entered via acts such as theft of the information of another person, membership may be terminated.

3. Users have the right to protection of their personal information, along with the duty to protect themselves and to not infringe on the information of others. Please be careful not to leak personal information and be careful not to damage the personal information of others via means such as online posts. A user that fails to fulfill this responsibility and damages the information and/or dignity of others may be punished by laws such as the “Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection.”, etc.

Article 8: Matters concerning the installation of automatic personal information collecting devices, operation and refusal

The Company does not make use of 'cookies', an item that continuously stores and seeks out user information.

Article 9: Other handling policies for personal information

1. Technical and administrative measures for protection of personal information
The Company, in the handling of the personal information of users, takes the following technical measures to ensure safety so that personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, altered, or damaged.
a. The user's personal information is protected by a password, while sensitive data is protected through a separate security function by encrypting file and transmission data or via a file lock function.
b. The Company takes measures to prevent damage from computer viruses by using a vaccine program. This vaccine program is regularly updated, while in the event of a sudden virus outbreak the vaccine is provided as soon as it is released in order to prevent personal information from being compromised.
c. To prepare against external intrusions such as hacking, each server uses an intrusion prevention system and vulnerability analysis system to ensure security.

The Company, in the handling of the personal information of users, takes the following management measures to ensure safety so that personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, altered, or damaged.
a. The Company limits the handling of personal information to only those engaged in direct marketing tasks for users, those engaged in personal information management such as personal information managers and other managers, and those who by necessity must come into contact with personal information in the execution of other tasks.
b. The Company carries out in-house training for employees who handle personal information on the acquisition of new security technologies and on the obligation to protect personal information.
c. The takeover and training of handlers of personal information is carried out thoroughly while security is maintained, and the Company informs its employees clearly on the responsibility for accidents involving personal information upon joining and leaving the company.
d. The Company is not responsible for any mistakes that are due to the personal errors of the user or basic internet risks.
e. In addition, when personal information is lost, stolen, leaked, altered or damaged through a mistake by an internal manager or technical management accident, the company shall immediately inform the user of the fact and take appropriate measures and provide compensation.

2. Site link provision policy
The Company may provide users with links to websites or materials from other companies. In this case, the Company does not have any control over the external site and the data contained therein, and thus cannot be held responsible or provide any guarantee for the usefulness of the service or data provided from it. If a user clicks on a link included by the Company and moves to a page on another site, the privacy policy of the Company's site shall no longer apply, so please review the policy of the newly visited site when doing so.

3. Policy for management of posting
The Company values the posts of its users and does its best to protect them from alteration, damage, and deletion. However, this does not apply in the following cases.
a. Spam posts (e.g., lucky letters, "800 million" emails, ads for specific sites, etc.)
b. Posts falsifying the reputation of others by distributing false information in order to slander others
c. Posts making details of others public without their consent
d. Posts that infringe on the rights of the Company or of third parties such as intellectual property rights
e. Posts that are off-topic from the subject of the bulletin board
f. In order to promote a desirable bulletin board culture, the Company may delete parts of a post or modify it with symbols when the personal identity of an individual is disclosed within it. Also, when a post is moved to another bulletin board on another topic, the movement path of the posting will be indicated to prevent misunderstanding.
g. In other cases, the Company may take action after an explicit or individual warning.
h. As a rule, all rights and responsibilities in posting rest with the author. In addition, information disclosed voluntarily through postings is difficult to protect, so please use consideration before disclosing any information.

4. Policy on rejection of unauthorized e-mail collection
The Company eschews the collection of unauthorized email addresses via e-mail collection programs or other technical devices. Violations of this can result in punishment in accordance with laws such as the “Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection,” etc.

5. Transmission of advertising information
The Company does not transmit commercial information for lucrative purposes against the express objection of a user. When a user consents to the sending of e-mails such as product information and newsletters, the Company shall take measures so that the user may easily recognize the subject line and body column of the e-mail as follows.
a. Title of e-mail
- The phrase (advertisement) may not be displayed in the subject line, and the main contents of the e-mail body are displayed.
b. E-mail body
- The sender's name and e-mail address in indicated so that the user can express the intention to opt out.
- A clear method for users to easily express their intention to opt out is specified.

Article 10: Personal information redress service

In order to protect the personal information of customers and to handle complaints related to personal information, the Company has designated the following departments and personal information managers as follows. Any complaints related to the protection of personal information arising from using the Company's services may be reported to the person in charge of personal information management or to the department in charge. The Company will promptly respond in full to any such user reports.

Customer Service Department: Business Planning Team
telephone : 02-6203-6300
email: busiplan@ex-em.com

Personal Information Manager: Lee Gwan-Seok (team leader)
telephone: 02-6203-6300br> email: privacy@ex-em.com

To make a report or receive consultation about other infringement of personal information, please contact the following organizations.
1. Personal Information Infringement Report Center (http://www.1336.or.kr/ dial 118 nationwide)
2. OPA Privacy (Information Protection Mark Certification Committee) (http://www.eprivacy.or.kr/02-580-0533~4)
3. Internet Crime Investigation Center, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office (http://icic.sppo.go.kr/02-3480-3600)
4. Cyber Terror Response Center, National Police Agency (http://www.ctrc.go.kr/02-392-0330)

Article 11: Obligation of notice

If any additions, deletions, or modifications are made to the current privacy policy, the website shall notify of this at least 7 days prior to the revision. If there are any significant changes in user rights, such as the collection and use of personal information and the provision to third parties, a notification will be made at least 30 days in advance.
Announcement date: 2015 July 20
Effective date: 2015 July 20